Marketing Guru

If you believe that you have a flair for marketing and sales, we can provide you with ample opportunities to boost your career growth.

  • Unique products – There is a wide range of unique products which are daily used items and essential for improving the health of all family members.
  • Exclusive selling rights – With exclusive selling rights of various products, there is an opportunity for faster growth.
  • Pan India availability – With a presence in more than 10000 places in India, bigger scope for business development.
  • Training for expertising – With various training methods, you will be an expert in your profile.
  • Job guarantee – There is a job guarantee as you will be an expert in your skills.
  • Certificate and awards – Certificates and awards will be provided after finishing your training modules.
  • Unlimited income options – There is no limit on income as you will work for a continuously growing business.

Pan India marketing

You can work at Pan India level and explore your potential fully by working from home or anywhere in India.

  • With a presence in more than 8000 places in India, there is  bigger scope for business development. We have been in consistent service for more than 22 years and are growing rapidly.
  • At PAN INDIA level, we’re dedicated to helping our customers. The work we do with them is as varied as they are. And in a fast-changing world, we give them products they need and create long-term growth for tomorrow.
  • Our deep experience coupled with knowledge of the latest technologies and methods; we provide a cost-effective products and customer satisfaction. 
  • Our journey started 22 years ago and we have become a big name today. Successfully, we added many big names in our associate list and expanded speedily. Now, we have big plans for expansion and to grow to a bigger level to give opportunity to millions of people.

Technical support by online application

Here are the major advantages of using our online application.

  • Simple to Use
  • Accessible from Anywhere
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Get Started Immediately
  • Safe and Secure
  • Common Concerns

As Marketing Guru, you will get additional support to achieve your targets with the help of our unique online application.

The combination of technology and your marketing skills would create unlimited abundance for you and everyone around you. Your approach will be smarter and it will be easier to connect with more customers. 

Data management and strategy planning would be highly efficient. In this way, this online application is a unique tool  for any marketer working with us.

Income multiplier 100 times

Whether you’re an industry veteran with decades of experience or a recent graduate who’s just starting a career, you’re probably interested in earning more cash. Who wouldn’t be happy to have a way to supplement their income?

  • What exactly is the best way for you to increase your income? Clearly “the unique” method,  we have explored and used in creative ways for increasing your income. 
  • As a Marketing Guru, you will be able to create your team and appoint franchises also. It will be possible to make a big setup or a team at the pan India level. It will help you to multiply your income 100 times and we also would help you and your team also. In this way, it is a unique and unmatched concept at present.    
  • It is a big point that makes us different from others and that’s why you would love to work with us. You will find multiple options while working with us.
  • We will help you to put your skills to the best use and become a more agile working professional. Moreover, You will see a complete change in earnings. We have a structured system for increasing your income and getting the best results for your efforts.
  • Let your life be changed from ordinary to extra by adopting our proven strategies and you will see that  your valuable skills are generating income 100 times

Training for excellence

We have experience of more than 22 years and achieved excellent results. There is a dedicated team and training wing to impart the best training for the marketing team. It works with online and offline modes also. Hence, we make sure that team members work with excellence in their respective fields.   

There is training according to customer attitude which is based on our 22 years experience.

The Benefits of Executive Training

  • Reduce executive stress.
  • Reduce layoffs.
  • Improve executive engagement.
  • Gain a recruitment tool.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve team functionality.
  • Build a competitive advantage.
  • Prevent and address skill gaps.

We will offer you a platform where you will sharpen your skills and improve your social life also with the help of our consistent training programs.

There is one more specialty regarding training and skill development. Every business associate has full command of the specialties of their products. They are fully aware of product quality, sales tricks, and team development. 

They know very well how to apply the right strategy for getting suitable results. They are capable to give training for all segments.

Every business associate is in position to provide suitable training for every executive to achieve the best results.  

Speedy promotions for performers

Normally, you get promotions once a year or more than that. Promotions are not so easy and difficult even if you perform. 

As a Marketing Guru you will have the opportunity to grow at higher levels on the basis of your capability and there will be no one to stop you. There is no fixed time limit and you can be promoted within every one or two months if you prove your capability.

Why is promoting from within better?

Internal mobility can help with retention and motivation.

When we promote from within, people see opportunity and become less likely to move around in their careers. It’s great for morale when employees can see an opportunity to grow within their organization.

Create your own setup and team

You will get opportunity that will be a big boost for your career. Options are open for setting up your own team and lead it independently. It will create better prospect for financial development. Own set up will lead towards better results and good performance.

So, create your own team to get desired results from your team and work independently to grow financially and socially.

You can work at Pan India level according to your choice, capability and infrastructure and get full support from us at all levels. We will support you and your team at every level. You get big opportunity to improve team performance. Our management and technical support will be same for you as per your team performance.

If you achieve big set up, our marketing model will be reserve at same level to help you fully.

Our online application will give you big technical support and it will operate according to your working level, it can be big and small, depends on you. If your set up is big, it will work for all team members.

Handsome awards and rewards

Executive rewards and recognition is vital to improve organizational values, encourage friendly competition, improve happiness & satisfaction, increase customer satisfaction and motivate them to go the extra mile.

We feel proud when an executive find happy living in terms of money and social recognition. As a Marketing Guru, you will consistently get opportunities for awards and recognition. In monetary terms, you can be eligible for a reward in millions.

You will get rewards in big public ceremonies with big publicity on social media.

The reward for a good performer will be extra ordinary. You will get opportunity to travel abroad, get a luxurious car and all other luxuries of life.

Various marketing fields

Which field is best for you?

Following are some of the central business areas:

  • Daily need various product categories
  • Nutrition and health supplements
  • Essential diet programs to prevent major health issues
  • Fashion wear
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Agriculture

Not only this, as a Marketing Guru there are ample opportunities and you can select marketing area of your own choice.

Become A Trainer

We have various marketing opportunities. We help clients to achieve their goals efficiently with proven business methods and technology. To achieve this target, we need trainers who could train marketing personnel.

We will provide you with a platform where you will learn about improving your skills and help you to become a trainer. Hence, it is a vital platform whereas as a trainer, it will be your task to train marketers for fulfilling business needs, like sharpening marketing skills, sales, and downloading business applications for various clients and helping them with execution.

A large number of clients are associated with us who need marketing assistance to achieve business goals. We are providing you an opportunity where you learn and execute also as a trainer.

Opportunity For Franchise

  • Nowadays, methods of doing business are changing rapidly
  •  Technology has emerged as a key player in smart business
  •  Our online application is suitable for every business and very helpful for fast growth
  •  There is an opportunity to work from home
  • It will be a big help in redesigning the old business or starting a new one
  •  Option to start a business with 0 investment or pocket money
  •  Other business models are also available depending on your investment capacity
Super franchise Marketing
  • Opportunity to work as Super franchise at the zonal level for developing Master franchise network.
  • You will also take care of all business development activities like sales and training to support master franchise.
  • You will be responsible for supporting and creating new corporate and industrial customer.
  • It is a big opportunity for you because if you are target achiever, you can be business partner
Master franchise Marketing
  • A wonderful opportunity for you for a stable and secure future.
  • Opportunity to work as Master franchise at regional level for developing local franchise networks.
  • With the objective of maximum downloading and activation of applications.
  • You will support local franchises in your region for all necessary work like training and team support.
  • To help the franchise in providing better services and supporting premium customers.
  • It is big opportunity to create a stable and long-lasting business model.
  • Without any investment opportunity to show your talent and build a successful master franchise business.
Franchise Marketing
  • Today technology has become essential in every work and without the right technology old methods are becoming outdated.
  • Now we need to adopt right technology for better results in business or other sectors and stay up to date with time.
  • We are presenting a wonderful opportunity to work with technology.
  • As a franchise you will develop business in your selected block level.
  • Your objective will be to develop a local market for maximum downloading of mobile application.
  • Option to select the marketing model as per your choice.
  • Without any investment opportunity to show your talent and build a successful franchise business.


  • We have more than 10 lakh registered and consistent buyers for delivery points stability and instant business.
  • Freelance marketing team for 10000 places
  • Availability of Trainers and training modules regarding products, sales, and marketing. With our software and applications, clients can set deadlines for time-based work or accomplishment for new area development.
  • Unique area allotment and management tool for those companies which aim to spread their business at pan India.
  • Fruitful policy for someone who wants branding and promotion in pan India or any specific region or area.
  • We offer the best solutions for various business needs, like marketing teams, trainers, selling platforms, client base, product expertise, digital event celebrations, etc.

Opportunity With Us

  • Technology is changing the business pattern rapidly and the job scenario is also changing accordingly.
  • There is great demand for skilled workers who can execute technology-based work.
  • We have a platform where you can use your skills and our technology to change the marketing world.
  • You can select a suitable job matching your profile and earn as much as you want.
  • Opportunities are open for marketers, trainers, and product experts with secure and safe new business models.

Business Building Program

  • You can develop your own business with the support of our resources and expand in pan India in a minimum time frame as compared with other models. You start a business with zero investment and with the use of your talent, skills, and expertise, you can change the world.
  • You can build a team and enlarge your business unlimitedly with the help of daily needs products and uninterrupted supply at the pan India level. Our team and application support will enable you to earn unlimited income as much as you want.

Vendor Registration

Your vendors are critical to the success of your company. They drive new growth within your industry and ensure you in achieving revenue and profit goals. They are at the heart of many of your organization’s processes and activities.

If you want to expand and spread your business up to the maximum in India, there is requirements of the marketing team, client base, training and technology support. We can support you in multiple fields.

Our specialties:

  • Preparing training and trainers for your products and resources.
  •  Marketing team for new customer enrollment and execution.
  •  Branding and promotion of your products.
  •  Advance product distribution management to reach out in each and every corner of India.
  •  If interested then register here.

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